JP's 75 Gallon Mixed Reef With Basement Sump

Checkout JP's Build Video! And See Step By Step How I Built This Beautiful Mixed Reef Tank. This Is One Of My Favorite Do It YourSelf Builds.

The Tank, Stand & Lighting

The Tank Is A Ten Years Old With A Center Over Flow, Bottom Drilled With 1" Drain And 3/4" Return. After Test Filling For Three Weeks I Started By Painting The Back And Bottom With Oil Based Flat Black Paint. The Stand Is Red Oak With Matching Canopy.

Inside The Tank

  • Two Jebao PP8 Powerheads Controlled By The Apex
  • 60 LBS Of Three Month Cured Pukani Dry Rock Held Together With .5" Acrylic Rods And Super Glue


  • 48" T5 Retrofit Kit
  • Two Blue Plus T5 Bulbs
  • Two Sb Reef Lights (Basic Box) Controlled By The Apex VSP 0-10v
  • Lights Are On For Ten Hours A Day With One Hour Of Ramping Both In The Morning And At Night

The Basement Sump

The Sump Is A 55 Gallon Tank From Pecto $1 Per Gallon Sale. The Back And Bottom Was Painted With Oil Based Flat Black Paint.


  • Bubble Magus Curve 7 Protein Skimmer
  • Jebao DCS 12000 Return Pump
  • 20LBS Of Cured Pukani
  • 50LBS Of Sand
  • Chaeto macro Algae
  • Neptune Apex Controller
  • BRS Dual GFO/Carbon Reactor
  • Apex DOS Dosing Pump For Alkalinity And Calcium Two Part
  • 200Watt UFO Refugium Light
  • 25 Gallon ATO Reservoir
  • Wayne Check Valve
  • CPR 4" Filter Sock Holder

RO/DI & Quarantine

The Reverse Osmosis System Was Pruchased From Ebay Made In The USA For Approx $150. Its A 150 Gallon Per Day With 1 Micro Filter, 1 GAC Filter, 1 Carbon Filter, 1 RO Membrane And Two Mixed Bed DI Resin Cartrides.

We Had The Plumber Leave Extra Pipe Over The Water Heater. Connected A Sharkbite With A 1/4" RO Tube Output To Provide Water To The Unit. The R/O Water Goes To A T Fitting That Either Sends Water To A 30 Gallon Saltwater Heating And Mixing Barrel Or To The 25 Gallon ATO Reservoir.


Quarantine Tank

  • 30 Gallon Tall Tank
  • Hang On The Back Filter With Bio Media
  • 75 Watt Internal Heater
  • Fake Food Allowing Fish To Hide And Reduce Stress
  • Standard White/Blue Led Light Strip


Weekly & Monthly Maintenance


    • Change Filter Sock Every Three Days
    • Dosing Aquavitro Fuel Weds & Sunday
    • Dosing Acropower Weds & Sunday
    • Dosing 3 Drops Of Iodine Daily


    • Two 20% Water Changes With Fritz Blue Box
    • Top Off Alkalinity And Calcium Two Part
    • Change 1 Cup Of ROX 0.8 Carbon