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Nero 5 & Jebao
Nem/Fish Guards

Jason Fox The Thing (CTO) Poseidon Tort (CTO) Green Slimmer (CTO) FOH Crown Of Glory (CTO) Green & Purple Staghorn (CTO)

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Cut To Order Frags

Our new cut to order frags! Simply pick whatever coral you want from our ever growing list, I will cut and heal the frag prior to shipping.

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Purple Montipora Capricornis 1"- 2" Forest Fire Montipora Digitata Ponape Birdsnest Red Montipora Capricornis Green Montipora Digitata

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Beginner SPS Corals

New To Sps? Well Look No Further! I Have Healthy, Pest Free SPS That Any Beginner Would Love.

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10-15 Piece Frag Packs

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Easy To Grow Small Stony Polyp

Beginner Sps Frag 6 Pack

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