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300 Gallon Reef

My New 300 Gallon Reef Is Sponsored By CustomAquariums.com & GeosReef.com

Tank Dimensions: 96"x 24"x 31"

Total Water Complicity After Rock: 380 Gallons

Tanks Features: H2 Overflow, Ultra Clear Glass

Sup Features: Custom Red/White/Blue Theme, 4 x 4" Filter Sock Slots, Massive Skimmer Section For The Nyos Quantum 300 With Built In Probe and Heater Mounts, Custom Rack For A Marine Pure Block, Built In GFO/Carbon Reactors, Custom Manifold and Attached Refugium. 

Geosreef Also Created A Matching Calcium Reactor With Second Chamber And A 30 Gallon ATO Reservoir.

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