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Coral Shipping

 UPS Next Day Air Early 8:30am-9:30am

UPS Next Day Air 10:30am-12:30pm

Rates Calculated Based On Weight

FREE SHIPPING On Orders Over $300


Every Order Comes With 

+40 Hour Heat Pack Or Ice Depending On Weather

+5ml Of Coral RX Dip or ReVive

+DOA Policy (Dead On Arrival)

+Dipping & Acclimating Instructions

All Corals Will Be Shipped Inside A 4oz Specimen Cup Or 3ml Bag


Supplements & 3D Printing

USPS First Class Package

USPS Priority Mail

UPS Ground


Shipping Policy

We are not liable for shipping delays due to inclement weather, and or any other shipping liability.

We are not liable for delays caused by shipping companies.

We are not liable for any damages that might occur whilst your items are in transit en route for delivery.


DOA Policy

(Dead On Arrival)

If a coral is DOA please take a picture within two(2) hours of delivery and email it to with your order number. A refund of the coral will be issued as store credit via a discount code or can be replaced with your next order.


Shipping From Harrisburg PA 17110

Dipping & Acclimating Instructions

  1. Remove Coral and consolidate into one container that can hold +32oz
  2. Float cups/bags in display or quarantine tank for 20 minutes
  3. Drip acclimate corals from main display or quarantine tank for approximately 30-60 minutes 1-3 drops per second.
  4. Add the provided 5ml of Coral RX dip to 32oz of water
  5. Adding a powerhead is preferred but if not available use a turkey baster or gently shake within mixture.
  6. Keep coral in the dip for 5-10 minutes
  7. Rinse corals in fresh tank water before adding to the system.

****Do Not Reuse Coral Dip As It Could Contain Toxins****