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Size: 1-2" Frag

All my corals are grown under Radion XR15 Pros & Radion/T5s (250-500 PAR). The lights ramp up for one(1) hour and stay on for ten(10) hours then ramps down for one(1) hour. My systems water parameters: Calcium 425, Alkalinity 8.5-9dkh, Magnesium 1400ppm, Salinity 1.026 and Temperature 78.8 - 79.4F. 

Every coral i receive is dipped multiple times then put through a six week quarantine before being added to my grow out system. All frags are cut and healed prior to going up for sale. Regardless if you buy from me or any other retailer you should always dip and quarantine corals before adding them to your main display.

When acclimating your new coral I recommend placing it lower in the tank to prevent shock due to high lighting. If you're familiar with the tanks light intensity(PAR) place the coral in the recommended ranges stated above. If your coral turns brown It could be due to a lack of light or excess nutrients(NO3,PO4) If your coral turns white or pale it could be excess light or lack of nutrients. I recommend giving a coral several weeks to adjust to it's new location before moving it.

All corals will be shipped overnight via UPS, please see our shipping page for more information Click Here

Checkout My Coral Quarantine Tank Here:

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    Customer Reviews

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